Western Cordura Trail Barrel Pleasure Horse SADDLE Pink 4982

by ProRider
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  • Brand New BARREL TRAIL/PLEASURE/SHOW Synthetic Saddle.

  • Made in USA

  • Saddle has a deep and well padded Leather seat.

  • Several rings and footman loops.

  • 1" of memory foam in the seat for a very Comfortable and  smooth ride all day long.

  • Tree is full QH bars with 7 inches of gullet (Semi QH also available).

  • No Maintenance, Highly Sturdy. Stirrups are padded.

  • 5 years warranty on Tree.


  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed.

  • SIZING GUIDE FOR WESTERN SADDLES 14inch 75-100 lbs 15inch 100-135 lbs 16inch 135-165 lbs 17inch 165-195 lbs 18inch 195+ lbs

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