About us

ChallengerHorseWear is a subsidiary of Tackrus which was founded in June 1997, in a small Texas town. Ever since, the company has grown into an icon of the equine industry, competing with some of the biggest names around. With over thirty years combined experience in the equine industry, the Tackrus management team combines real knowledge of the equine world with sound business ethics and practices to make a one-of-a-kind company and service experience.

All our products are made with US leather and we strive to bring the public incredibly affordable equine products without sacrificing any of the quality you have come to expect from the industry leaders. In addition to our high-volume buying power with ingenious business tactics allow us to keep our prices low. ChallengerHorseWear is proud to serve the global marketplace with products we are proud to distribute.

We are unique in that we carry a wide variety of name brands that the public has come to know and love, such as Weaver Leather, Smoky Mountain Boots, Ferrini, Troxel, Courbette, and many others, as well as companies who are newer to the industry, but have proven that they maintain the standards of quality that we apply to all of our products. We also endeavor to add new product lines and items as often as possible. ChallengerHorseWear is proud to distribute these name brands and hopes that the public is proud to receive them. We are also unique in that we offer many services to our customers as well, including an exclusive dealership program, member's specials, and saddle test-rides. We also stock all our products here at our 16,000 square foot facility in Texas.

We welcome you to our online store. We cherish our customers and strive to serve them with dignity. At ChallengerHorseWear, our customers are people, not numbers. We avidly listen to customer's suggestions on how we can improve, or what new items we should look into the stocking. We hope to provide you with everything you need, and if you have any inquiries please feel free to contact us. Our address is 34305 SUNSET LANE, BROOKSHIRE, TEXAS 77423.