Professional Choice SS 4 Ring Single Joint 5" Mouth Horse Gag Bit Tack 3525

by Professional Equine
PROFESSIONAL CHOICE HORSE BIT KY Rotary Gag 4 Ring Single Joint Bit The bit utilizes the snaffle rein to control direction and the second rein to control speed and head carriage. The lower the second rein is placed on the shank, the more severe the leverage. When rein pressure is applied, bit rotates in the mouth and and places pressure on the poll. A center swivel joint ball enables the sides of the bit to independently rotate 360º. This function helps prevent painful pinching of the tongue and lips and gives the horse a more comfortable fitting when the bit is in action. Unlike conventional jointed bits, the rider’s control is improved as both sides of the bit are of equal length. The smooth center ball joint enables the sides of the bit to turn independently of each other in a smooth and silent movement. This allows the rider to communicate clearly with one side of the bit at a time, eliminating confusing signals and making isolated aids such as lifting one shoulder through a turn possible. Additionally, the silent movement of this new technology is a huge benefit for any horse that is noise sensitive and is a great advantage in the show ring. Mouth Size: 5" The unique swivel center joint allows for one side of the bit move completely independent of the other with no pinching, binding or false pressure Transmits pressure directly on the mouth via the rein. There is no leverage action.

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