M Unisex Full Grain Cowhide 100% Leather Casual Jean Dress Belt Brown 2626082811

by ProRider
Full Grain Cowhide Mens Dress Casual Leather Belt 
  • High quality Full grain cowhide leather strap - Durable, supple, and 100% Cowhide.
  • 1.5" (38mm) wide strap in Brown Color.
  • 7 belt Holes for a perfect fit.
  • Classic style Antique Nickel-Finish buckle - High Grade metal.
  • Attached with Chicago Screws and can be changed out for your own Favorite Buckles.
  • Available in sizes ranging from 32" to 46"
The belt size is measured from the end of the strap where it meets the buckle, to the middle Hole at the tip end.

Trousers waist sizes often vary by manufacturer and style, it is recommend using an actual measurement to determine sizing:
 Measure the waist over your trousers, at the belt loops.
 Order the next (even) size up from this measurement.
Alternatively, measure your favorite well-fitting belt from
the end of the strap at the buckle to the hole you currently use.
Order the nearest size to this measurement, rounding up if necessary.


And of course...

No Polyurethane, No Bonded Leather, No Plastic or Paper, just "One Single piece of Cowhide"


For questions or to Order Toll Free! Call 1-888-477-1271


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