Horse Western Sure Grip Saddle Seat Cover Adjustable Leg Bands Made in USA 4206

by Challenger
Helps to improve balance in the saddle with fast starts & stops, help to prevent slipping and sliding when on the run & in turns attaches to most barrel saddles & comes with adjustable leg bands Saddle grip seat cover helps improve balance with fast starts and stops. Stops slipping and sliding when on the run and in turns. Attaches to most barrel saddles. Installation of the Supreme Sure Grip Saddle Seat: Lay the Sure Grip Saddle Seat across the saddle seat from side to side with the straps toward the back of the saddle & fenders. Fasten the back straps 1st, then raise 1 fender at a time & fasten the side straps. Adjust each side so it fits the saddle snugly. Place the hook side of the leg bands on the seat just installed, mount, and fasten the leg bands around your thighs. Release when dismounting, leave the leg band in the saddle so that they are always handy. X-Small: 8" - 14" Small: 16" - 20" Medium: 21" - 25" Large: 24" - 30" XLarge: 31" - 34"

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