Horse 5" Mouth Jointed Eggbutt Snaffle Bit w/ Copper Rollers 35536B

by Challenger
A classic bit with the addition of copper rollers to help calm young or nervous horses, the Centaur Copper Roller Mouth Snaffle Bit is a great option for schooling as well as competition, and is a must-have for your tack room! The traditional English Eggbutt ring cheek gives this bit that classic look, as well as optimal function. The copper mouthpiece & rollers promote salivation for a comfortable, supple mouth and the standard snaffle design applies moderate tongue pressure when reins are engaged. Features: Hand Polished Stainless Steel Traditional English Eggbutt Cheek Smooth Single-Jointed Snaffle Design Center Copper Rollers Mouthpiece Direct Rein Contact Optimal Balance

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