Farrier Cow Horse Veterinary Dual Ratchet Calf Puller Jack Cattle Birthing Extractor 98418

by Challenger Grooming
Designed to aid difficult deliveries of calves. Made from lightweight durable aluminum which makes it easy to handle. The ratchet action helps pull one leg at a time to help ease the calf out. Dual hook ratchet type. Features a two section shaft measuring 32" x 1" per rod giving you a total length of 64". They offer precision made groves guaranteed against slippage and may be disassembled for easy storage. Included: (2) standard 32" x 1" screw together rods Rods: 32" x 1",Breeching 25" x 2 1/4" ,Chain: 44" ,Jack: 20" x 7"

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