69" Tough 1 Horse Fly Sheet Mask Boots Summer Spring Airflow Mesh UV Zebra 92202

by Tough 1
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  • Soft Mesh material, to circulate air and stop dangerous insects and bugs.

  • Exciting new studies have shown that flying pests such as horseflies are not attracted to the zebra pattern. 

  • The light reflects off the black while not reflecting off, the white confuses the flying pests.

  • Lightweight poly/nylon mesh allows natural air circulation over the horse while keeping annoying flies and insects away. 
  • Double buckle front. 

  • Adjustable belly, Surcingle and Leg straps.

  • Protects your horse from UV rays.

  • Heavy reinforced stitching for durability.

  • Quick release closures on chest and neck.

  • Horse will not wiggle out of it.

  • One of the best blankets / Sheets they make

  • Top Brand, Top Quality

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