English ProRider Horse Leather Saddle Free Saddle Pad Stirrups Girth 80203

by ProRider


  • Finely Designed Deep Saddle Seat for Proper Balance
  • Superior Quality Padding to provide extra comfort to both rider and the horse. 
  • This Saddle has a Flex Tree that conforms to horse's back and the rider, eliminating all pressure points and making it a extremely comfortable saddle both for the Horse and the Rider. 
  • Hand crafted by expert saddle craftsmen 
  • Saddle Pad, Girth, Stirrups INCLUDED in the Package
  • 100% Genuine, Durable Leather 
  • Hundreds of Extremely Satisfied Customers
Sizing Guide for English Saddle  
Upper Leg Length  Recommended Size 
Less than 16.5" 15"
Between 16.5" to 18.5" 16" 
Between 18.5" to 20" 16.5"
Between 20-21.5" 17"
Between 21.5" to 23" 17.5" to 18"
More than 23" 18" to 19"


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