English Horse Professional Equine Synthetic Treeless Saddle Stirrups 80201BL

by Professional Equine

We manufacture treeless saddle from best quality synthetic material

  • One of the most popular saddle
  • This Saddle has a flex tree that conforms to horse's back and the rider, eliminating all pressure points and making it a extremely comfortable saddle both for the Horse and the Rider.
  • Hundreds of Extremely satisfied customers.
  • Made with the highest quality synthetic material.
  • Extremely light weight saddle, approximately weighs 2 Kilograms.
  • Highly Flexible Treeless saddle without any rigid components with PU molded seat and other parts.
  • Robust synthetic girth straps to be attached through dressage girth.
  • Seat is removable and attachable with strong velcro.
  • Completely washable synthetic suede saddle.
  • Rider can adjust the "e" stirrups bars for the comfortable leg position.
  • Superior Quality lining underneath to provide extra comfort to both rider and the horse.
  • 24" girth is included in the package.
  • Hand crafted by expert saddle craftsmen
  • Saddle Seat is deep, padded and extremely comfortable for the rider.
  • Sizes available : 16” , 17” , 18”
  • Colors available : Red and Black
  • Stainless Steel fittings

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